Monday, February 14, 2011

Changing format

When I have time I've decided I'm changing the format of this blog. Instead of giving out techniques and tips I'm going to change it to chronicle my misadventures from before I got into the game until modern day. I feel guys can identify more with a story and progress than they can random tips.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Increase your chance to get laid 300%!

Hey all,

Have you ever been out with a girl and at the end of the night she told you she had a really fun time, gave you an ass-out hug or cheek kiss, and you had to go home to jerk off? 3====) - _ -

How many times have you been making out with a girl on the couch, but then she suddenly clammed up and you couldn’t recapture the moment? She suddenly got “tired”, and you were forced to play flog the dolphin at home... alone.

And many more...

Here's some great easy tips you can start using right away to get from the friend zone to the end zone and score a touchdown with all those girls who are waiting for you to show them why sex with you is a great thing!

Have fun... I know I did while experimenting to see what works best ;)

Dropping a girl off at her house but don’t know how to continue the night inside with her?

Solution: Tell her “Hey I can't stay long, but may I use your restroom real quick before I have to go?" Go pee, wash off your man-stank so she’ll blow you (LOL) and then work your crazy magic on her, you mad man.

Why this works: Because it includes a False Time Constraint, it eases her fears you might be some needy guy who will latch onto her and not go away when she’s tired or isn’t yet (key word) into you. And then once you work your magic inside she won’t want you to go home anyway.

Need to transition from a couch make-out to the bed without it being awkward?

Solution: My favorite is to just stand up without saying a thing, put your hand out, let the girl take it, lead her to stand up, bend down and pick her up and carry her fireman style to my bed. I might even spank her ass once or twice too. You can also just put her hand out and say “come with me real quick”, but I love the fireman carry.. and girls do also! Their giggling confirms this 100% approved methodology.

Why it works: The dominance, leading, and fun you display with the fireman carry causes her to experience an emotional buying temperature spike. BT spikes cause compliance. For the layman, that means she'll do things you want her to, including moving to the bed.

My night out with this girl was going really well, we made out all night! But then suddenly she didn’t seem as into it and things sort of fizzled.

Solution: Perform the push-off on girls when you first make out with them. Right when you're making out with her, and especially when you can tell she is really getting turned on you drop this on her and then walk away: "Wow, it's really getting hot in here." You can tell she's turned on because her breathing will get heavier and slower. If you're feeling especially cocky or devilish you can tell her "Whoa... that's all you get for now". It's important for you to be the one to end the kissing on your terms. When you end it and walk away you just do something else like make the two of you drinks, go to the bathroom, etc. And then come back and pick up where you left off. Only do this once or twice or you ruin the effect.

Why it works: There are two principles at work here. First, when you make out with a girl too much you release too much sexual energy and things fizzle. Instead there should be a natural crescendo, building towards sex. The other thing is that in our society, girls are in the role of being the pursued. That makes you the suitor, where you have to please her, and she doesn’t have to do a damn thing except accept or deny your overtures. She doesn’t have to invest or even be interested in the interaction… so is it any surprise when it doesn’t go your way? But it’s possible to flip the script on them so they are the pursuer. This (among other things) does exactly that. Girls don’t know how to handle not getting what they want so they often aggressively pursue guys when the script is flipped on them.


Want her to end up inside your place at the end of the night without some awkward "Want to come inside" question? (Which sets off her radar!)

Solution: Start your date at your house. Invite her in, show her your Facebook or stuff from your life or travels. After 30 min, bounce out to wherever you were going for the night.

Why it works: It gets her used to and comfortable with being in your place, so later it isn’t such a big deal when she comes inside at the end of the night. Work your magic from there.

That’s all you get for now. Hey I’m not getting paid for this you know… feel free to hire me if you really want more ;) (NLP, NLP, NLP…)


Friday, December 3, 2010

Would you like one-o, or dos-o?

I’m not really one for “routines” but I come up with re-usable bits all the time. A reusable bit is a funny joke or comment you can recycle in many different situations. Mostly they are good for quick buying temperature spikes. I’ve noticed people are more compliant after a buying temperature or investment spike.

So if you want something from a girl – a response in text, follow you to the bar, etc drop a buying temperature or investment spike on her and she’ll likely be far more compliant than without.

For bonus points pay attention to your own interactions with people and learn to keep and recycle the best ones in your back pocket to pull out. After a while you accumulate so many of these you have something for just about every occasion.

This bit works with someone of ethnicity who speaks a foreign language fluently or as their native language (ie, Russian, etc). This one was with a Latina.. modify for other languages appropriately.

HB: Do you have any spare CD’s?
MM: Would you like one-o, or dos-o?
HB: Dos-o.
MM: Hey your Spanish is improving.
HB: (laughs)
MM: You’ve been practicing haven’t you?
HB: (laughs) Yes I’ve been practicing!

Transition from there.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting the blowjob you always dreamed about

Most guys have trouble with getting their girl to do what they want in the sack… let’s face it, having sex the way you like it can be a sticky situation!

Through my trials and error I have discovered the 3 key elements to getting amazing blowjobs from girls I date.
  • Avoid being negative or overly critical.
  • Emphasize the positive
  • Be assertive about what you like

1 and 2 are fairly similar but I have to break them down into seperate examples.

I once joked and told an amazing girl I was dating that her blowjob was “the worst I’d ever had”. It was a true statement, we had an honest type of relationship, but at the same time it was overly critical and it hurt her. Do you think I ever got another blowjob from her again? Uh… no. Being critical and making cruel statements is a great way to break intimate relations. Don’t be the dope I was and make the same mistake.

Instead, you want to emphasize the positive. There is definitely a technique to a superb blowjob. And frankly, most guys are so excited to stick their dick in a woman’s mouth that they will tolerate any crappy blowjob just to have a woman perform on them. This reinforces bad blowjob behavior and as such, most of the blowjobs I’ve received from women have been really, really bad. The kind of bad where you have to think about some other super hot girl just to get excited enough to finish in her mouth.

But since I began emphasizing the positive I’ve had much better results from my sexual partners. If a girl is doing the “twist the hand” move while blowing me – like good porno girls do – I’ll tell her something which lets her know I’m enjoying the experience. I might say “Baby it really turns me on when you….” And then I’ll fill in what she is SPECIFICALLY doing. It’s important to be specific or she won’t know what she’s doing is having a crazy good effect on you.

Lastly, you want to be assertive in bed about what you like. Again, ignoring the critical, if she’s doing something wrong avoid telling her she’s doing it wrong. Instead, just tell her what you like. Tell her “I really like it when you go up and down with your mouth and your hand”. Even if she’s never done that before. It lets her know what you like. And since the whole point of oral sex is to please the receiver, she’ll do it for you.

If there are any ladies reading, they can follow these 3 basic steps to get the kind of sex or oral they like from their dude as well.

Lastly I have some advice for the ladies: Stop treating your dude like an appliance.

You expect your guy to know your body inside and out and you expect him to make you cum. What is he, a vibrator? Perform on demand? Make ME cum?

You are an active partner in the sexual experience too you know!

Take responsibility for your orgasm. If you’re being pounded doggy style, do you know how many women I’ve met that won’t bother to reach “back there” and play with their own clit? When doing so would create an amazing experience for them.

You are just as responsible for your orgasm as the guy is. Trust me, the dude knows how to get himself off. You should know as well.

If you don’t even know what you like, well, don’t expect the guy to help much other than just being the “stunt cock”.

Enjoy kiddies,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Online dating and photo quality

A lot of guys ask me how I do so well at online game.

I've been in it for a while and let's just say I have my methods. ;) However, there's one thing which recently 'upped my game'.

Getting professionally done photos.

I'd always gotten decent attention from women. But being an older guy, whose 'searchable credentials' didn't put me in the prime areas women might be looking for. So I always did the opening myself, and had great responsiveness.

But as soon as I got professionally done photos, I started getting a LOT of attention. The # of winks and emails I got would increase 2-4x. Women were more responsive.

Great professionally done photos can make a huge difference when it comes to online game.

I read an article from a dating site this morning which made a lot of sense to me. Now they try to go into all this statistical mumbo-jumbo about how this or that makes a better picture. I'd recommend you read it and just take it for what it is: re-affirmation that better looking or professional photos hook girls much better.

Here you go, and leave the shirtless bathroom mirror camera phone shots off your profile.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Liquor Store pickup LR, pt. 2

Txt'd the girl from the liquor store a couple times and then called her on the phone.

Set up a classic Karaoke hangout. She headed to my place. Made her a drink. Got cozy on the couch.

Headed to Karaoke. She couldn't be out late; bad logistics. Sent her home. The next day she tells me my lips have the power to make her lose track of time. I txt her my lips have superpowers.

Two days later it's my birthday. I have the day off. Meeting my sis for breakfast. Bevmo girl texts me happy birthday. She says she owes a certain birthday boy a kiss. It's on.

I seed logistics and she comes over later. She's got a busy day of laundry and errands later on she "has to do". Life of a hired gun…...

Chillin out on the couch having too logical of a conversation. At least she does most the talking. I lean over and kiss her for a bit to hush her up. She gets hot and mounts me.

I pick her up still straddling me and carry to the bedroom.

I pop her nip and she warns me it gets her too hot and she loses control. Oh no. She says she's been too good for too long. I tell her sometimes it's good to be bad.

I'm laying on the bed in my boxers sporting a pup tent while she's stripping. Her body is fine. I tell her check the tent out, we're going camping.

She asks me if I have a condom. I grab my favorite brand and she mounts me.

Glory times ensue.

She’s been over several times. This girl is foxy. The last time I saw her I'd told her to come over "looking sexy for me". She came over wearing a black g-string, corset, tiny skirt, very high heels.

Liquor Store pickup, pt. 1

Two weeks ago, I headed down to a costume shop to pick up a pirate costume for a cruise party tonight. I bounced to the liquor store next door. Looking around for the good stuff when I see this super hot tall girl. Long straight hair, 5'9, tiny waist, super nice ass, big titties. Perfect for splitting in half or throwing over your shoulders.

Face is a little off, but her body is so damn tight. You had to have seen this girl. I'd nut her up anyway. She's in a tight but professional suit with a little skirt, carrying a clipboard. I don't know what it is but a chick done up all in a business outfit, yet retaining her femininity does something for me. I walk past her, grab my bottle from the wall and as I'm walkin back in her direction, away from the wall over my shoulder I go spontaneous/observation:

Me: "Everything in order?"
Hottie: "Yeah, just tryin to get this all arranged."
Me: "Well good..", I say, moving around the beverage display to her side.. "you know why right? We have important partying to do tonight!"
(she laughs)
Hottie: "Now what are you buying? It looks interesting"
Hottie: Me: "Melon liquor and sugar free sweet and sour. It's for a Tokyo ice tea. Ever had one?"
Hottie: "No but I like to make godiva chocolate martinis…"

We get to talking, turns out it was her birthday last week and she went a cruise like I'm doing. Then even weirder she dressed up as a pirate on a TV show last week.

I already have a LTR coming with me tonight but tell her to come anyway. Figure I'll just hook up with her sometime in the future, or turn her into a pivot. She doesn't have a lot of friends because she's always busy workin. Starts qualifying how life is hard etc. I give her approval. She seems nice, maybe even a little innocent. Definitely a freak in the sack tho. She seems like she might be the type to love pleasing her man.

Asked if she had a facebook. Cool, give me your # I'll text you cause I gotta try that martini you make. Makes no sense but the switcheroo works 99% of the time, every time.